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God Save the Queen - Irish Visit

I hope she gets home okay. It’s a very brave things she’s doing and certainly a significant historic moment. Today’s event, at the site of the first ‘Bloody Sunday,’ — and her laying a wreath at the monument for those who fought against British rule…well, it’s just incredible, isn’t it? It’s something that many couldn’t even ever conceive of happening.

The USA annually boast and makes a big deal of it’s fighting against British rule, and dozens of other countries (like India, etc.) also had their decades and centuries of struggles: People will resist invasion.

We can call them terrorist, insurgents, revolutionaries, radicals, whatever but the core of it remains: People will resist invasion. People will resist second-class or ‘third-class’ citizenship. People want equal rights and justice.

Folks also want food and shelter, jobs, education, wide-screen HD TV’s, cell phones and computers, etc. and I think the less hate, hostility, subversions, conflicts, warmongering and scapegoating propaganda the better off we are.

Yet, alas, crime, greed, fraud, exploitation keeps rising up like weeds so we have to cut ‘em down and/or root ‘em out. There ain’t no ‘peace,’ — there’s just the work of tending our garden and protecting our life; and voting for better leaders.

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Britain’s queen visits ‘Bloody Sunday’ site
Monarch makes historic and symbolic visit to Croke Park, where 14 Irish people were killed by British forces in 1920.

The incident saw 14 people, including a 10-year-old, killed by British forces when they opened fire on a crowd of thousands of spectators at a Gaelic football game in response to the murder earlier in the day of 14 undercover British agents.

On Tuesday she laid a wreath in honour of those who died fighting for Irish freedom from Britain, bowing her head in respect at the Garden of Remembrance.

Meanwhile three vehicles were destroyed overnight on Tuesday in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in a wave of arson attacks.

Dissident republicans threw petrol bombs into the car of a former Catholic politician Liam Bradley, whose son joined the police force, a police spokesman said.

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