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Google Search Evidence Crumbles

Yesterday’s testimony in the ‘Tot Mom Murderer” (as main TV coverage calls her) was truly jaw-dropping on so many levels.
Level One: A key piece of the circumstantial evidence was the claim the ‘Tot Mom Murderer” had done a Google Search for the product: ‘Chloroform. (We’ve been hearing this for years). Now, a prime witness says she did those Google Searches.

Level Two: Our Google Searches are now used as ‘evidence’ (!?) - and in the testimony it also comes out that pop-up windows were popping up and this witness was clicking all over the place and there may have been search term suggestions and before she was done browsing she clicked on ‘neck-breaking feats,’ and this may have been recorded as searching for ‘neck-breaking,’ — and in addition, the number of times these searches may have been done may be wildly inaccurate…

The prosecution also said stains in the trunk of the car (and the smell of chloroform) prove there was a body there…and this prime witness says at least some of those stains were there when she purchased the car.

Gosh. It sure is a lot easier to convict people on TV gossip shows pretending to be news.

And now we all know we have to worry about our Search Terms. We know also know our library borrowing records can be used against us. Next they want to know what was the last opera we watched.

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Casey Anthony’s mom contradicts prosecutors

ORLANDO, Fla. - June 24, 2011 (WPVI) — Surprising prosecutors, the mother of a Florida woman charged with killing her young daughter testified she had conducted Internet searches on chloroform.

Cindy Anthony’s testimony Thursday directly contradicted prosecutors’ theory that the suspect, Casey Anthony, was the one who made the Internet searches.

“You were aware that computer searches were an issue?” Drane Burdick said.

“I did not look up how to make chloroform. I looked up chloroform,” Cindy Anthony said. “I did tell the detectives, and I did tell the state attorneys about the searches.”

Cindy Anthony told Drane Burdick she did not run searches on household weapons, chloroform habit or neck-breaking, although she said she remembered a YouTube video involving a skateboarder, whose trick was described as a “neck-breaking feat.”

Earlier in the trial, a medical examiner testified that even a small amount of chloroform would be sufficient to cause a child’s death.

Cindy Anthony also said stains in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car were present when the family bought the car in 2000. Prosecutors claim the child’s body was in the car trunk and then dumped in a wooded area near the Anthony home. Prosecutors have presented extensive evidence of human decomposition in the car trunk, including stains.

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