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Our Nukes Are Burning & It’s OK.

The glibness and/or duplicity of the Nuke industry is awesome…as massive as the bombs themselves. You’d think the recent meltdown of three (yes, meltdowns - 3) in Japan this year would be at least some dose of reality to their hubris.

But no. Everything’s ok. And “it’s highly unlikely the blaze would reach…” etc.

My experience with seeing forest fires is that IT IS HIGHLY LIKELY they will spread….like wildfire.

Rather than false assurances it would be good to actually MONITOR what’s going on, which, thank goodness, we hear some STATE and FEDERAL agencies are doing…and getting that data would be more valuable that thinking our nuke safety precaution are Perfect.

Isn’t that part of the ‘message’ of the Titanic: the ‘unsinkable ship,’ that sunk.

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Los Alamos officials certain fire won’t cause radioactive leak

"Our facilities, our nuclear materials are all safe, they’re accounted for and they’re protected," said lab director Charles McMillan.

Anti-nuclear groups have sounded the alarm about thousands of 55-gallon drums containing low-grade nuclear waste — gloves, tools and other contaminated items — about two miles from the fire.

Lab officials said it was highly unlikely the blaze would reach the drums,
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