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Tampering with a life or death situation in order to ‘get the story,’ — extend the story — add sensationalism to the story.

It’s classic ‘yellow journalism,’ — war and death sell newspapers and they like it.

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Phone hacking scandal involving kidnapped girl roils Britain

British hacking scandal
According to the Guardian newspaper, police have discovered evidence that the News of the World hacked into Milly’s voicemails after she went missing, publishing at least one story based on the information gleaned.

Making matters worse, Mulcaire allegedly deleted some of the messages to free up Milly’s mailbox for more incoming calls, in the process interfering with a police investigation.

The deletions cruelly raised the Dowlers’ hopes that their daughter was still alive, because they thought she had erased the messages herself.
Most likely, Milly was already dead by then.
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