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USA to “offer troops” to Iraq

It use to be called: War — or Occupation….now it’s called ‘offering troops.’

Not that this story makes any difference, because Withdrawal doesn’t mean withdrawal any more, anyhow.

No time for more details. I’m going to ‘offer a SWAT team,’ to my neighbor. I guess I could also ‘pay off in full,’ a few credit cards….as long as ‘pay off in full,’ doesn’t mean pay off in full — This word nonsense may have other advantages…I guess I could beat someone up and steal their money and tell them it was a ‘reform program,’ or how the mugging was actually an act of “protecting the people.’

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Sources: 10,000 US troops could remain in Iraq

Image: U.S. helicopter in Iraq
The White House is offering to keep up to 10,000 troops in Iraq next year
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