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Kill ObamaCare! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Republicans want to kill ‘ObamaCare.”

After all, what could be more sick and perverted than trying to set up a plan for national health care?

This court decision, imo, might certainly help do it and certainly help Republicans jump up and down on the President’s grave — Alas….the courts make a point that appears to merit valid considerations.

But this Republican pulling apart of the country has nothing to do with ‘valid considerations,’ but arousing passions of hate: Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Kill ObamaCare!! Eat raw red meat. Bomb Iran. God Bless America! We Love Our Banks. Crush the unions! Let’s get it on!

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Federal appeals court strikes down insurance mandate

The three-judge panel in Atlanta rules 2 to 1 that Congress does not have the power to require Americans to buy health insurance as required in President Obama’s healthcare law.

President Obama
The 2-1 decision is a victory for Republican leaders in 26 states who challenged the law last year, testing whether the signature accomplishment of Obama’s presidency would stand.

The Atlanta-based judges echoed the complaint that the mandate represents an “unprecedented” expansion of federal power.
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